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BS ISO 23420:2021 pdf free.Microbeam analysis一Analytical electron microscopy一Method for the determination of energy resolution for electron energy loss spectrum analysis.
In addition, acquisition time t and acquisition iteration number n influence the energy resolution Z1Er.
Measurement of energy resolution tiEr is not easy because of the complicated formation of the EELS system. It is well known that the full width at half maximum of the zero-loss peak is proportional to the energy resolution tiEr. Actually, FWHM of the zero-loss peak is very often used as the energy resolutionlil. The energy resolution tiE is also defined as FWHM of the zero-loss peak in this document.
6 Reference materials and energy determination
6.1 General
In order to determine the energy resolution of the EELS equipped in the S/TEM, it is indispensable to calibrate the energy scale in advance. In this section, material selection for the energy scale calibration and the procedure for determining the energy scale are described.
6.2 Materials selection for energy scale calibration
For the energy resolution determination, calibration of the energy scale is necessary. As an EEL spectrometer cannot calibrate energy scale by itself, the reference material is necessary for the calibration. Since the energy calibrated certified reference materials (CRMs) and/or reference materials (RMs) are not available, itis necessary to select appropriate materials aiming to energy scale calibration, as (internal) reference materials. The following characteristics are required for the material.
— Easy to obtain
— Easy to handle,
— Homogeneous,
— Stable,
— Having loss peaks at a low-loss energy region,
NOTE 1 For measuring the energy resolution, energy scale calibration Is needed to perform within loss energy region such as zero to several hundred electronvolt.
— Non-chargeable.
NOTE 2 In the first step of energy scale calibration on the EELS, loss energy known sample is needed. The loss energy value is obtained by the XPS analysis of the sample. Non-chargeable material is needed for XPS measurements.
In this document, graphite is recommended and used as a reference sample for the coarse energy scale calibration. The other reference sample for the following fine energy scale calibration should be selected from the materials, which has low-loss EELS peak, such as boron-nitride.
6.3 Binding energy measurement of graphite In the XPS
XPS Cis (carbon K shell binding energy) peak and EELS carbon K edge EC.K are equivalent. The correspondence of the energy values between XPS Cis and EELS carbon K-edge is described in Annex B. XPS measurement of Cis peak shall be done about graphite standard sample with calibrated XPS spectrometer.
The XPS shall be calibrated by ISO 15472:2010141.
7 Measurement procedure and energy resolution determination
7.1 General
In this subclause, the energy scale calibration of EELS and the procedure for determining energy resolution are described. AnncxA shows an example of actual measurement using this procedure.
A flowchart of measurement procedure is shown in Figure 1.BS ISO 23420 pdf free download.

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