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BS ISO 20671:2019 pdf free download

BS ISO 20671:2019 pdf free download.Brand evaluation – Principles and fundamentals.
4 Principles of conducting a brand evaluation
4.1 General principles
the evaluator assesses the brand on both elements and dimensions using the relevant indicators and justifies thcr inclusion and relevance to the brand.
The internal or external evaluator conducts a brand evaluation using the framework and principles contained in this document.
The evaluator has an obligation to justify the strength of the indicator, the sources of data that inform it, the frequency of data accessibility and its limits in reflecting the contribution of the dimension toward brand value.
When necessary, independent experts shall be drawn upon to aid in an objective audit of the Indicators. Furthermore, the evaluation shall reflect the following principles:
— The brand evaluator shall be conscious of the fact that different stakeholders may have different importance, represented by relative weight, for the elements and dimensions, and have differing, representative indicators that are used for evaluating the specific stakeholder group.
— The brand evaluation shall be conducted using the multiple elements and dimensions and conscious of differing perspectives. Different elements and dimensions may use different methods to evaluate the impact of the elements and dimensions with the relevant stakeholder group. Qualitative analysis methods and quantitative analysis methods may both be used in the process of brand evaluation.
4.2 Transparency
Brand evaluation processes shall be transparent. This requirement includes disclosure and quantification of evaluation inputs, outputs, assumptions and risks.
4.3 Consistency
To achieve comparable results in an evaluation, the methodology used for the evaluation shall be consistent. If the methodology shall be changed, changes shall be noted and the ability to compare results explained.
4.4 Objectivity
The evaluation shall be performed free of partiality.
5 Brand evaluation fundamentals
5.1 General
The fundamentals of brand evaluation focus on evaluating brand value using both elements and dimensions, thereby determining brand strength, brand performance, and financial results. Elements determine the input which the brand operating entities allocate to the brand, while dimensions measure the external reactions to the brand.
Applicable indicators shall be determined e.g. according to company size, particular type of brand. purpose of the brand evaluation, different external regulating environment. Each of them may require a different type of analysis. They shall be compared with major competitors or alternative brands.
Lists of indicators for elements and dimensions for different types of brands are provided in AnnexA.BS ISO 20671 pdf free download.

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