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BS EN ISO 6158:2011 pdf free download

BS EN ISO 6158:2011 pdf free download.Metallic and other inorganic coatings – Electrodeposited coatings of chromium for engineering purposes (ISO 6158:2011).
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in ISO 2064, ISO 2080, ISO 3882,
ISO 9587, ISO 9588 and ISO 12686 apply.
4 Information to be supplied by the purchaser to the processor
When ordering articles to be processed in accordance with this International Standard, the purchaser shall provide the following essential information in writing, for example, in the contract or purchase order, or on the engineering drawings:
a) the designation (see Clause 5);
b) the nominal composition or specification, and metallurgical condition of the basis metal including hardness (see 5.3); in the case of reclaimed articles, it may not be possible to supply this information, and it may, therefore, be difficult to guarantee the quality of the coating;
c) the nature, condition and finish of the basis metal if they are likely to affect the serviceability and/or appearance of the coating (see 6.3);
d) the significant surface, indicated by drawings of the articles or by suitably marked samples (see 6.2);
e) the requirements for special test specimens (see 6.1);
f) the appearance and surface finish of the chromium coating, e.g. as-plated, ground or machined (see 6.2 and 6.3); alternatively, samples showing the appearance and required finish shall be supplied or approved by the purchaser, and used for comparison purposes (see 6.2);
g) the necessity for any treatment to induce compressive stress, eg. peening before or after electroplating (see 6.10);
h) any special requirements for, or restrictions on, pretreatment, e.g. vapour blasting instead of acid pretreatment:
i) positions, where unavoidable, contact marks and the type, size and number of other defects that are acceptable (see 6.2);
j) requirements for undercoats (see 5.5 and 6.11) and stripping (see 6.12);
k) the test method to be used to measure thickness (see 6.4) and additional segment of the surface where minimum thickness requirements apply:
I) the adhesion and porosity requirements, and test methods (see 6.6 and 6.7, respectively):
m) the tensile strength of parts and the requirement for stress-relief heat treatment before electroplating (see 6.8);
n) requirements for any embnttlement-relief heat treatment after electroplating, and for hydrogen embrittlement testing (see 6.9);
0) the sampling plan and acceptance levels (see Clause 7);
p) any additional information, e.g. any special requirements for adhesion (see 6.6).
5 Designation
5.1 General
The designation shall appear on engineering drawings, in the purchase order, the contract or in the detailed product specification.
The designation specifies. In the order given, the basis metal, the specific alloy (optional), stress relief requirements, the type and thickness of undercoats, the type and thickness of the electrop’ated chromium coating, and post-treatments such as heat treatment to reduce susceptibility to hydrogen embrittlement.
5.2 Designation specification
The designation shall comprise the following:
a) the term ‘Electrodeposited coating”;
b) the number of this International Standard, i.e. ISO 6158;
c) a hyphen.BS EN ISO 6158 pdf free download.

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