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BS EN ISO 2858:2010 pdf download

BS EN ISO 2858:2010 pdf download.End-suction centrifugal pumps (rating 16 bar)- Designation, nominal duty point and dimensions.
BS EN ISO 2858 specifies the principal dimensions and nominal duty point of end-suction centrifugal pumps having a maximum operating rating of 16 bar.2
2 References
ISO/R 228, Pipe threads where pressure-tight joints are not made on the threads (1/8 inch to 6 inches).
ISO 496. Driving and driven machines — Shaft heights.
ISOJR 775, Cylindrical and 1/10 conical shaft ends.
ISO 3069, End-suction cent rifugal pumps — Dimensions of cavities for mechanical seals and for soft
(Supplement to this International Standard.)
NOTE ISO 2084 can be used for the dimensions of flanges.
3 Designation
The pump designation comprises three numbers: the first corresponds to the inlet diameter, the second to the outlet diameter and the third to the nominal diameter of the impeller.
Example of designation
A centrifugal pump with an inlet diameter of 80 mm, an outlet diameter of 50 mm and a nominal impeller diameter of 250 mm is designated 80-50-250.
4 Nominal duty point and dimensions
See figure on page 4 and Table on page 5.
5 Static test pressure
Static test pressure shall be 1,5 times the maximum discharge pressure but shall not exceed 24 bar. The relation between cold test pressure and hot operating pressure shall be the subject of agreement between manufacturer and user.BS EN ISO 2858 pdf download.

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