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BS EN ISO 2307:2010 pdf free download

BS EN ISO 2307:2010 pdf free download.Fibre ropes – Determination of certain physical and mechanical properties (ISO 2307:2010).
The linear density, lay length and braided pitch are measured with the rope under a specified tension called the reference tension, as specified in Annex A.
The elongation corresponds to the measured increase in length of the rope when the tension to which it is subjected is increased from an initial value (reference tension) to a value equal to 50 % of the minimum specified breaking strength of the rope.
The breaking force is the maximum force registered (or reached) during a breaking test on the test piece, carried out on a tensile testing machine with constant rate of traverse of the moving element. The breaking force values given in the tables of rope specifications are only valid when this type of testing machine is used.
When it is not possible to test the whole section of rope, the method described in Annex B can be used, subject to agreement between the parties involved.
This International Standard also provides a method for measuring water repellency, lubrication and finish content, and heat setting treatment, when requested by the customer.
2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
7.2 Number of test pieces
Take one test piece from each sample.
7.3 Taking the test pieces
Take the test piece either from one end of the samples, or from the body of the samples if they are intended to be cut. Take all necessary steps to prevent unlaying. If necessary. remove slightly unlaid ends.
8 Conditioning
Ropes shall be tested in the ambient atmosphere, except in cases of dispute, when the test piece shall be
placed in the atmosphere specified in Iso 139 for at least 48 h, immediately prior to testing.
9 Procedure
9.1 General
For the measurement of force-elongation and breaking force, perform the procedures specified in 9.2 to 9.7 sequentially.
For the linear density, perform the procedures specified in 9.8.
9.2 Initial measurements
Lay the test piece out straight on a flat surface by pressing with a slight force of the hand (not exceeding 20 % of the reference tension) (see Annex A).
Make two w’ marks on the test piece, spaced symmetrically with regard to its mid-point, and at a distance apart of 10 that is greater than 400 mm.
In exceptional circumstances, when L <400 mm, 1 and 2 (see 9.4) are measured on a separate test piece, with a minimum length of 400 mm, following the same procedure; the value 12 is obtained by applying the appropriate tension by means of weights and a pulley.BS EN ISO 2307 pdf free download.


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