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BS EN ISO 1942:2010 pdf free.Dentistry – Vocabulary (ISO 1942:2009).
BS EN ISO 1942 provides definitions for a number of concepts specific to dentistry in the interest of facilitating development and comprehension of standards, and to improve communication with the Fódération Dentaire Internationale, the World Health Organization and other interested organizations.
NOTE Annex A provides additional information that can be helpful to users of this International Standard.
2 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
2.1 abutment
any structure that serves to support or retain a dental prosthesis
2.2 abutment screw
centre screw (deprecated)
implant component used to attach an abutment component to an implant body
2.3 agar impression material agar hydrocolloid thermally reversible hydrocolloid (deprecated)
hydrocolloid impression material consisting principally of an aqueous solution of the polysaccharide agar-agar and capable of reversibly undergoing the sol-gel thermal transition without deterioration
2.4 air-fired dental ceramic
dental ceramic designed for being fired at ambient atmospheric pressure
2.5 air turbine air rotor
air-driven rotor capable of high speed used as the propulsive unit of a dental handpiece
2.6 alginate impression material alginate hydrocolloid alginate-based impression material (deprecated)
non-reversible hydrocolloid impression material containing soluble alginate and additives which, when mixed with water, form a gel on setting by the precipitation of an insoluble salt
2.7 amalgam alloy
powder or compressed powder pellets of an alloy consisting mainly of silver, tin and copper which, when mixed with mercury, produces dental amalgam
2.8 amalgamator
amalgam mixer mechanical device for mixing dental amalgam alloy with mercury
2.9 amalgam carrier
dental instrument designed for the collection, transport and deposition of dental amalgam in a plastic state into prepared cavities
2.10 amalgam condenser amalgam plugger
hand instrument used for consolidating dental amalgam
2.11 analogue GB analog US
implant laboratory replica
implant component intended for inclusion in a working model o cast to represent the connecting interface of a dental implant o component for laboratory procedures
2.12 anatomical crown crown
(natural tooth) portion of a tooth normally covered by, and including, the enamel
2.13 anatomic portion
model or cast: that portion of a model or cast representing the tissue surfaces or structures.BS EN ISO 1942 pdf download.


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