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BS EN 81-73:2020 pdf free

BS EN 81-73:2020 pdf free.Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts – Particular applications for passenger and goods passenger lifts Part 73: Behaviour of lifts in the event of fire.
5 Safety requirements and/or protective measures
5.1 Basic requirements
5.1.1 General provision
The lift provided with recall means shall be taken out of normal service in the event of fire, by recalling it to one of the designated landings.
See Figure A.1 for clarification.
5.1.2 Designated landing(s) and input signal(s)
The lift shall serve one or more designated landings. For each designated landing, there shall be a corresponding input signal to the lift control system. The signal(s) shall be provided by a recall means. On receipt of the first activated signal, the lift shall return to the corresponding designated landing in accordance with 5.3. Other signals from recall means shall be ignored until the first signal is reset.
See A.2 for clarification of interface responsibilities.
5.1.3 Recall means
A recall means, which creates signal(s) for the recall of the lift, shall be done by at least one of the following:
a) manual recall device, e.g. key switch, firefighters lift switch (EN 8 1-72: 2020) of a firefighters lift; or
b) automatic means, e.g. BMS, fire detection system.
5.1.4 Manual recall device
Where a manual recall device is provided, it shall be
a) bi-stable in operation,
b) provided with clear visual indication on which position the switch is to avoid any error about its position,
c) appropriately marked for its purpose. When accessible to all, the size of the sign shall be at least 50 mm and according to EN ISO 7010:2020, P020 “Do not use lift in the event of fire without text,
d) located in the management centre of the building or at the designated landing, and
e) protected from misuse, e.g. by placing it behind a glass panel or located within a secure area. When accessible to all, special tool is needed to reset. See Introduction.
5.1.5 Reaction of stopped lift
Where a lift is stopped due to a fault condition, a signal from the recall means to the lift control system shall not initiate starting of the lift.
5.1.6 Prohibition sign
A prohibition sign according to EN ISO 7010:2020, P020 “Do not use lift in the event of fire, shall be
displayed near the lift so that it is easily seen on all landings. The size of this sign shall be at least
50 mm.
The following text may be added to the sign “Do not use lift in the event of fire”.
5.2 Interface requirements between the recall means and the lift control system
Interruption of the interface connection shall initiate the fire recall of the lift as described in 5.3.BS EN 81-73 pdf download.

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