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BS EN 81-72:2015 pdf free download

BS EN 81-72:2015 pdf free download.Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts – Particular applications for passenger and goods passenger lifts Part 72: Firefighters lifts.
5.2 Fundamental firefighters lift requirements
5.2.1 The firefighters lift shall be designed in conformity with EN 81-20 and provided with additional protection, controls and signals.
5.2.2 The size of the firefighters lift shall be in accordance with national regulations and preferably be selected from ISO 4190-1. At no time shall the size be less than 1100mm wide by 1 400 mm deep with a rated load of 630 kg. See also Introduction.
The clear entrance width to the car shall be a minimum of 800 mm.
5.2.3 Where the intended use of the firefighters lift is to include evacuation, to accommodate such items as
a stretcher or bed, then the minimum rated load shall be 1 000 kg and the minimum dimensions of the car
1100 mm wide by 2 100 mm deep. See also Introduction.
NOTE For firefighters lifts national regulations may impose greater dimensions and rated loads.
5.2.4 The firefighters lift shall be able to reach the highest landing to be served in firefighting operations from the fire service access level within 60 s, from after the closing of the lift doors. However, for lifts with higher travel than 200 m, this time to reach the highest landing may be increased by 1 s for each 3 m additional travel height.
NOTE Experience has shown that a rated speed greater than 4,5 m/s may cause problems due to technical complexity e.g. size of secondary power supply, turbulence from the pressurized environment and spoilers on the car roof.
5.2.5 The lift shall be designed to operate correctly during firefighting operations for a period equal to that required for the structure, e.g. 2 h, according to the following conditions:
a) electrical/electronic devices on landings, other than at the fire service access level, shall be designed to function correctly in an ambient temperature range of 0 °C to 65 °C or be made non-operational. A malfunction of devices (landing indicators and push buttons) shall not prevent operation of the lift under fire fighting conditions;
b) all other electrical/electronic components of the firefighters lift shall be designed to function correctly in an ambient temperature range of 0 °C to + 40 °C;
c) the correct functioning of the lift control shall be ensured in smoke filled wells and/or machinery spaces;
d) any ambient temperature sensor shall not stop, or prevent the start, of the firefighters lift.
5.2.6 For a dual entry car, no more than one car door shall be open at any time during firefighting operations.
5.2.7 When the distance between consecutive landing doorsills exceeds 7 m, intermediate emergency doors shall be provided, such that the distance between sills is not more than 7 m. Additional consideration shall be made to the maximum length of the ladder as defined in
NOTE The floor distance may be greater when appropriate calculations with a 6 m long ladder are provided. See
5.2.8 Any lift, which is not required to stay in operation in the event of fire, sharing the same well as a firefighters lift should be provided with a fire recall system according to EN 81-73.
5.2.9 The firefighters lift well and machinery spaces shall not contain sprinklers.BS EN 81-72 pdf download.

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