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BS EN 71-7:2014 pdf free

BS EN 71-7:2014 pdf free.Safety of toys Part 7: Finger paints – Requirements and test methods.
The pH-value of the finger paint shall be between 4,0 and 10.0 when tested in accordance with EN ISO 787-9.
4.8 Binding agents, extenders, humectants and surfactants
Only binding agents, extenders, hurnectants and surfactants which are not fulfilling the hazard criteria in 4.1 shall be used in finger paints.
NOTE 1 See Annex C for a list of compounds known to be commonly used.
NOTE 2 The classification is detailed in Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 (11 (Annex I, Part 3: Health Hazards).
4.9 N-Nitrosamines
When tested in accordance with EN 71-12 the concentration of N-nitrosamines shall not exceed the limit values specified in EN 71-12.
4.10 Containers
The containers used for finger paints shall not possess a form, odour, celour, appearance, packaging. labelling, volume or size, such that it is likely that consumers, especially children, will confuse them with foodstuffs and in consequence place them or the finger paints in their mouths, or suck or ingest them.
5 Product information
5.1 General
Markings shall be clearly visible, easily legible, indelible, understandable and accurate. All markings shall be in the national language(s) of the country(ies) of sale.
NOTE EN 71—1 contains further marking requirements.
If the container is also the primary packaging all information under 5.2.1 shall also be given on the container. All information shall draw the attention of users or their supervisors to the inherent hazards and risks of harm involved in using the finger paint and to the way of avoiding such hazards and risks.
5.2 Marking
5.2.1 Primary packaging
NOTE Primary packaging is referred to as consumer packaging in Directive 20091481EC or as outer packaging in Regulation EC No 1272/2008. Manufacturer’s identification
The primary packaging shall bear the name, trade name and/or trade mark and the address of the manufacturer, his authorized representative or the importer. Labelling phrases
The primary packaging shall carry the following warning:
“Warning. Children under 3 years of age should be supervised by adults.”
The word “Warning” may be followed by, e.g. an exclamation mark or other punctuation marks. The word “Warning” may be written in capital letters.
Finger paints supplied in powder form shall additionally bear the following warning:
“Warning. Mix with water in accordance with the instructions before giving to a child.”
Finger paints supplied in powder form should bear instructions that indicate how to mix with water and in particular, the correct ratio of water to powder. This information may alternatively be placed in documentation supplied with the toy.
Additionally there shall be information included for finger paints supplied as a powder to avoid inhalation of the powder. Indication of preservative(s) and embittering agent(s)
The primary packaging shall be labelled with an indication of the preservative(s) and embittering agent(s) used.
Preservatives shall be identified by their chemical name or INCI (name) or E-number, where available.
5.2.2 Container
The container shall bear the name, trade name and/or trade mark and the address of the manufacturer, his authorized representative or the importer.
Manufacturers shall ensure that their toys bear a type, batch, serial or model number or other element allowing their identification, or. where the size or nature of the toy does not allow it, that the required information is provided on the packaging or in a document accompanying the toy.BS EN 71-7 pdf download.

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