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BS EN 71-14:2014 pdf free

BS EN 71-14:2014 pdf free.Safety of toys Part 14: Trampolines for domestic use.
4General requirements
4.1Exemptions from certain requirements in EN 71-1 (see A.2)
The requirements in EN 71-1 are applicable to trampolines for domestic use with exemptions for therequirements under the following headings in EN 71-1:
-edges (EN 71-1:2014,4.7);
-sharp points (EN 71-1:2014,4.8);
-protruding parts(EN 71-1:2014,4.9);
– toys which a child can enter(EN 71-1:2014,4.14.1).
The above mentioned requirements from EN 71-1 are not exempted for trampolines intended for childrenunder 36 months.
NOTE This European standard specifies specific requirements for edges,sharp points and protruding parts fortrampolines for domestic use which is why the corresponding requirements ofEN71-1 do not apply to trampolines (forchildren of 36 months and over).
4.2Trampoline categories
Trampolines shall be classified by the size, height and maximum user weight according to Table 1.
The frame size for a circular trampoline is equal to the diameter (see Figure 3) while for non-circulartrampolines it is equal to the maximum distance between two opposite points of the outside of the frame(e.gthe largest diagonal in the case of a rectangular trampoline).
lf at least one of the measurements in Table 1 is exceeded, the trampoline shall be classified in the closesthigher category.
4.3General requirements for the trampoline construction (see A.3)
4.3.1 Requirements for mini-trampolines (see 4.2)
Mini-trampolines intended for indoor use shall be provided with anti-slip feet. Such trampolines shall not slipwhen tested according to EN 13219:2008,5.2.
Mini-trampolines may be equipped with handrails to assist the balance of the user. Mini-trampolines may beequipped with an enclosure. lf mini-trampolines are equipped with handrails they shall not be equipped withan enclosure.
NOTE See for requirements on enclosures.
4.3.2 Requirements for medium and large trampolines (see 4.2)
Medium and large trampolines shall be equipped with an enclosure but shall not be equipped with a handrail.NOTESee for requirements on enclosures.
4.3.3 Requirements for all trampoline categories General requirements
The construction of the trampoline shall ensure that during play (or movement of the trampoline) theassembled joints cannot become dislodged.
NOTE This requirement can be fulfilled by the use of pit pins or bolts.
After being tested according to 6.4 (testing of the assembly), the legs and the frame shall remain in their initiaconnection position without apparent movement.
The assembled joints of the trampoline and enclosure, if any, shall stay connected when tested according to6.1.2 (enclosure and poles impact strength test).
The opening of the enclosure shall also allow access for an adult.
Any enclosure shall allow supervision of the child during play on any point of the periphery of the trampoline.BS EN 71-14 pdf free download.

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