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BS EN 62680-1-1:2015 pdf free download

BS EN 62680-1-1:2015 pdf free download.Universal Serial Bus interfaces for data and power Part 1-1: Universal Serial Bus interfaces-Common components-USB Battery ChargingSpecification,Revision 1.2 (TA 14).
An ACA-Dock is a docking station that has one upstream port,and zero or more downstreamports.The upstream port can be attached to a PD, and is capable of sourcing lcDP to the PD.An ACA-Dock signals it is an ACA-Dock to the PD by enabling VoM_sRc during USB idle, andby pulling lD to ground through a resistance of RID_A.See Section for more details.
1.4.3 Attach versus Connect
This specification makes a distinction between the words “attach”and “connect”. Adownstream device is considered to be attached to an upstream port when there is a physicalcable between the two.
A downstream device is considered to be connected to an upstream port when it is attachedto the upstream port,and when the downstream device has pulled either the D+ or D- dataline high through a 1.5 k2 resistor,in order to enter Low-Speed, Full-Speed or High-Speedsignaling.
1.4.4 Charging Downstream Port
A Charging Downstream Port (CDP) is a downstream port on a device that complies with theUSB 2.0 definition of a host or a hub,except that it shall support the Charging DownstreamPort features specified herein.
A CDP shall output a voltage of VDM_sRc on its D- line when it senses a voltage greater thanVDAT_REE but less than VLec on its D+ line when not connected to a peripheral.A CDP shallnot output a voltage of VDM sRc on its D- line from the time that the peripheral is connected,to the time that the peripheral is disconnected.
1.4.5 Charging Port
A Charging Port is a DCP,CDP,ACA-Dock or ACA.
1.4.6Dead Battery Threshold
The Dead Battery Threshold is defined as the maximum charge level of a battery such thatbelow this threshold, a device is assured of not being able to power up successfully.
A Dead Battery is defined as one that is below the Dead Battery Threshold.
1.4.7 Dedicated Charging Port
A Dedicated Charging Port(DCP) is a downstream port on a device that outputs powerthrough a USB connector,but is not capable of enumerating a downstream device. A DCPshall source lDcPat an average voltage of VcHG.
A DCP shall short the D+ line to the D- line.
1.4.8 Downstream Port
In this specification,a Downstream Port refers to either a Standard Downstream Port or aCharging Downstream Port.
1.4.9 Micro ACA
A Micro ACA is an ACA with a Micro-AB receptacle on the Accessory Port.
1.4.10 Portable Device
A PD as used in this specification is a device which is compliant with this specification and theuSB 2.0 specification,and can draw charging current from USB.
1.4.11 Rated current
The Rated Current of a Charging Port is the amount of current that a Charging Port can outputand still maintain a VBus voltage of VcHc. The Rated Current of a DCP is required to bewithin lDcP, and the rated current of a CDP or ACA-Dock is required to be within IcDP.
1.4.12 Standard ACA
A Standard ACA is an ACA with a Standard-A receptacle on the Accessory Port.1.4.13Standard Downstream Port
In this specification, a Standard Downstream Port (SDP) refers to a downstream port on adevice that complies with the uSB 2.0 definition of a host or hub.An SDP expects adownstream device with a good battery to draw less than 2.5 mA average when unconnectedor suspended, up to 100 mA maximum when connected and not configured and notsuspended,and up to 500 mA maximum if so configured and not suspended.A downstreamdevice can be enumerated when it is connected to an SDP.
An SDP pulls the D+ and D- lines to ground through two 15 kQ (typical) resistors.
An SDP may have the ability to sense when a PD is driving the D+ line to_VDP sRc, and thenmanage its power states accordingly.PDs are required to drive D+ to VDP sRc whenever theydraw more than IsusP while attached but not connected, as described in the Dead BatteryProvision.
1.4.14 USB Charger
A USB Charger is a device with a DCP,such as a wall adapter or car power adapter.BS EN 62680-1-1 pdf free download.

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