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BS EN 62290-1:2014 pdf free

BS EN 62290-1:2014 pdf free.Railway applications一Urban guided transport management and command/control systems Part 1: System principles and fundamental concepts.
UGT is defined as a public transportation system in an urban environment with self-propelled vehicles and operated on a guideway. which is segregated from general road and pedestrian traffic.
Railway infrastructures which are part of a railway network operated under specific railway regulations are excluded, unless otherwise specified by the authority having jurisdiction.
Trains of transport undertakings (e.g. underground/metro, tram, regional and suburban operators) are included even if they are operated under specific railway regulations, when they are designated to operate on UGTMS infrastructure, In this case, trains of different transport undertakings shall fulfil the conditions of interoperability and the requirements given by specific regulations.
4.1.2 Operations
Operation is considered as the totality of all means to effect the transportation of passengers.
including the training of operations staff and maintenance of installations and rolling stock.
Train operations include command and control of routes, passenger transfer, driving of trains and also shunting.
4.1.3 Operational facilities
Operational facilities are all those installations and equipment which serve operations such as (an example of track layout is shown in Figure 2):
— electrotechnical installations (like traction power supply, lighting equipment, communication equipment, command and control system, management system, maintenance system, etc.);
— guideway for movement of trains (points, derallers. crossings. crossings with movable frogs, level crossings, flood gates, platform tracks, tracks between stations, etc.). Platform tracks and tracks between stations might be used for one way or bi-directional operation;
— stations are places where passengers transfer between the wayside and a train is achieved. A station comprises waiting area(s) (with optionally, installations for passenger service and ticketing) and passenger transfer area(s) as interface between platform and train;
— sidings are considered as a place for storing rolling stock and turn back of trains. Sidings are normally not used for passenger transport;
— depots which are used for maintenance and storage of rolling stock and normally not used for passenger transport.BS EN 62290-1 pdf download.

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