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BS EN 60598-2-22:2014 pdf download

BS EN 60598-2-22:2014 pdf download.Luminaires Part 2-22: Particular requirements – Luminaires for emergency lighting (IEC 60598-2-22:2014).
The provisions of Section 0 of IEC 60598-1 shall apply. The tests described in each appropriate section of lEG 60598-1 shall be carried out in the order listed in this part of lEG 60598-2.
When testing combined emergency luminaires according to the requirements of this part, the tests shall cover those parts of the luminaire which are involved with providing emergency lighting taking into account the influence of all other luminaire parts and components. The components and parts of the luminaires designed to provide only normal lighting shall be subjected to the tests according to the requirements of the relevant part of lEG 60598-2 (for example, if the luminaire is recessed, it shall be tested according to the requirements of the part dealing with recessed luminaires).
If some elements of an emergency luminaire are adjacent (within 1 m cable length) to the main part of the luminaire. all the elements of the luminaire, including the means of inter- connection, shall satisfy the relevant requirements of this document.
The additional requirements covering self-contained portable emergency luminaires are given in Annex E.
The photometric tests of Clause 22.17 shall be made on a separate sample luminaire.
Derating factors should be applied during emergency lighting installation scheme design which is relevant to the application. These factors are normally defined by the relevant application standard.
22.5 ClassificatIon of lumlnaires
Emergency luminaires shall be classified in accordance with the provisions of Section 2 of IEC 60598-1 except that all emergency luminaires shall be classified as suitable for direct mounting on normally flammable surfaces.
Emergency luminaires shall also be classified as specified in Annex B.
22.6 MarkIng
The provisions of Section 3 of IEC 60598-1 shall apply together with the requirements of
22.6.1 to 22,6.20 below.
22.6.1 Luminaires shall be clearly marked with the rated supply voltage or voltage range(s).
22.6.2 Luminaires shall be clearly marked with details of their classification according to Clause
22.5 (see Annex B).
22.6.3 Luminaires with replaceable lamps shall be clearly marked with details of the correct replacement lamp in a position visible during lamp replacement. This ensures that the emergency luminaire’s rated luminous flux can be achieved.
NOTE The information relating to correct lamp replacement can include the number. type. rated vo4tage and rated wattage. etc.
22.6.4 Where appropriate, in addition to ta marking, the range of ambient temperature shall be marked or given in the instruction leaflet supplied with the luminaire
22.6.5 Emergency luminaires employing replaceable fuses and/or replaceable indicator lamps shall be marked with the details of fuse ratings and/or details of the indicator lamps.
22.6.6 For manual testing only, test facilities to simulate normal supply failure, where provided, shall be clearly marked so that the marking is visible during routine testing.
22.6.7 Self-contained emergency luminaires shall be clearly marked with the details of correct battery replacement including the battery technology (e.g. NiMH), rated voltage, capacity. temperature rating, temperature classification and charge regime.
Luminaires containing non-replaceable battery(s) shall be marked to indicate that the battery is non-replaceable.
22.6.8 In self-contained luminaires, the batteries shall be marked with the year and month or year and week of manufacture.
In self-contained luminaires with replaceable batteries, space shall be provided on the battery label to permit the marking, by the installer or commissioning engineer, of the date of commissioning of the battery.
For luminaires with non-replaceable batteries, the space for marking the date of commissioning shall be provided on the battery or on a label to be observed during maintenance.
22.6.9 Combined emergency Iuminaires shall be marked with details relating to correct lamp replacement for all lamps. If the lamps used in the emergency circuit and the normal supply circuit differ, the respective types shall be clearly identified.
Lampholders for emergency lighting lamps in combined luminaires shall be identified by a green dot, at least 5 mm in diameter, which shall be visible when replacing the lamp.BS EN 60598-2-22 pdf download.


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