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BS EN 60436:2020 pdf free

BS EN 60436:2020 pdf free.Electric dishwashers for household use – Methods for measuring the performance.
BS EN 60436 methods of measuring the performance characteristics are determined as follows:
– combined cleaning and drying performance according to Clause 6 and 7;
– energy consumption, water consumption, cycle time and programme time according to Clause 8:
airborne acoustical noise according to Clause 9;
additional aspects of energy consumption of dishwashers (low power modes) according
to Annex K.
5 General conditions for measurements
5.1 General
5.1.1 General information
The dishwasher manufacturer’s instructions regarding installation and use of the dishwasher shall be followed, except where there is a conflict with this standard, in which case this standard shall prevail.
Manufacturers should provide sufficient information on relevant test conditions for the test machine, including installation instructions, detergent amounts, rinse aid settings, water softener settings I and any other information relevant to identifying regeneration operations I (if applicable), filter type, and loading schemes.
Performance tests according to this standard are generally carried out on a new machine, with a reference machine running parallel with the test machine(s), i.e. at the same time under the same conditions using soil prepared at the same time from the same batch. The reference machine shall be in accordance with the description given in Annex I.
The reference machine shall always be installed as a free-standing machine independent of the type of test machine.
Before commencing a test series, the reference and test machines shall be checked to ensure that they are operating properly.
All tests shall be started with the appliances at the ambient temperature according to 5.5.
The tolerances specified for parameters within this document, using the symbol “f, indicate the allowable limits of variation from the specified parameter outside which the test or results shall be invalid. The statement of tolerance does not permit the deliberate variation of these specified parameters.
Rounding shall not be applied to the results of intermediate calculations. If numbers have to be rounded, they shall be rounded to the nearest number according to ISO 80000-1:2009, Annex B, Clause B.3, Rule B. If the digit to be rounded is five or more, it shall be rounded up. If the rounding takes place to the right of the comma, the omitted places shall not be filled with zeros.
Requirements for measurements and instrumentation and their accuracy are described in Table T.1.
5.1.2 Free standing dishwashers
Dishwashers shall be tested as free-standing except where they are designated as built-in or integrated (refer to 5.1.3). Dishwashers that can be installed as either free-standing or built-in/integrated shall be tested as free-standing.
5.1.3 Built-in and integrated dishwashers
Dishwashers that can only be installed as built-in or integrated, shall be installed in an
enclosure according to Annex N. The enclosure is illustrated in Figure N.1.
5.2 Sequence of test procedures and conditioning of the test machine
Before conducting performance tests on a new dishwasher, it shall be operated for at least three cycles, using a programme suitable for normally or heavily soiled tableware, with reference detergent (specified in 5.7) and with reference rinse aid (specified in 5.8), to remove manufacturing residue; a clean load or no load may be used.
NOTE Any cycl.s or operatIons performed on the appliance during the manufacture of the product are ignored.
If noise measurements should be done, they shall be carried out before any performance measurements and in accordance with Clause 9. For noise tests the conditions of the respective standard should be fulfilled. No additional cycles shall be carried out on the test machine between the sequential steps specified in the following procedure.BS EN 60436 pdf free download.

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