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BS EN 6035:2015 pdf download

BS EN 6035:2015 pdf download.Aerospace series – Fibre reinforced plastics – Test method – Determination of notched and unnotched tensile strength.
6 Apparatus
6.1 Calibrated tensile test machine accurate to within 1 %,equipped with facilities to record maximum load.
6.2 Chamber adapted to the machine to carry out tests at temperature. The temperature shall be maintained within+3 °C.
6.3 Timer.
6.4 Thermocouple with recorder to monitor temperature for tests at other than ambient.
6.5 Flat faced micrometre with 6 mm diameter faces, accurate to 0,01 mm.
6.6 Vernier calliper accurate to the nearest 0,1 mm.
7 Test specimen
7.1 Specimen description
For the description, dimensions and tolerances see Figure 1 for notched type specimen and Figure 2 for unnotched type specimen.
The laminate configurations for the fibre directions are defined in Table 1.
7.2 Test specimen preparation
The specimens are cut out from laminates. The coefficient of variation in the thickness measurements shall be smaller than 2 % per laminate. The laminates shall be produced according to EN 2565 for carbon and EN 2374 for glass. Special precautions have to be taken to ensure that no delamination occurs during machining especially for the drilling of the notched specimens.
The laminate should be inspected for example by C-Scan to establish that the laminate is worth testing. lithe NOT reveals unacceptable defects, limits defined in the specification invoking the test, the laminate should not be tested.
The process parameters shall be in line with the specification invoking the test.
7.3 Tabs
The tests may be performed without the specimen being tabbed. However, if tabs are used they shall be strain compatible with the composite being tested either, by using precured tabs of two plies of fabric, lay-up + and — 450, or by co-bonding using a suitable prepreg system. The precured tabs shall be bonded on both specimens faces with a suitable adhesive system,
Care should be taken that the adhesive bonding temperature does not add any undesired post cure effect to the laminate.
7.4 Number of specimens
Five specimens shall be tested per test condition, except when otherwise specified in the technical specification.
If tests are carried out after ageing or at a temperature different from room temperature, care should be taken to assure that room temperature/dry reference specimens, which had been machined from the same plate as the specimens under investigation are also tested.
7.5 Ageing
In case of tests after immersion, the conditions shall be according to EN 2489. For tests after exposure to humid atmosphere, the conditioning shall be in accordance with EN 2823.BS EN 6035 pdf download.

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