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BS EN 54-13:2017 pdf free

BS EN 54-13:2017 pdf free.Fire detection and fire alarm systems Part 13: Compatibility and connectability assessment of system components.
In order to conform to this standard, compatibility of the components type 1 or connectability of the components type 2 within the FDAS shall meet the requirements listed in Clause 4. This shall be verified by theoretical assessment (5.1) with reference to the required documentation (4.4). When this is an outcome of the theoretical assessment, configuration (s) according to (5.3) shall be tested as described using the relevant selection of functional tests defined in 5.5 and 5.6 and shall meet the criteria of acceptance of the tests.
4.2 Basic requirements
4.2.1 The applicant shall provide a list of the devices of the FDAS and those devices not covered by EN 54 shall be declared as component type 1 or component type 2.
4.2.2 The different FDAS configurations intended to be used shall be described within the applicant’s documentation.
4.2.3 All the different configurations declared by the applicant shall be considered and representative configurations shall be assessed to meet the requirements of this document.
NOTE Representative configurations are defined by agreement between the applicant and the testing authority.
4.2.4 Each type 1 component shall be powered directly or indirectly by a PSE which conforms to the requirements in EN 54-4 except for some radio link components in accordance with EN 54-25 which may be powered by batteries.
4.2.5 Each type I component shall meet the requirements of the relevant part of EN 54.
In the case where the component type 1 is not covered by EN 54 series it shall meet the following:
a) conformity of the functionality (indication, control, activation) as declared by the component manufacturer: this functionality shall be consistent with the purpose of a FDAS. The applicant shall provide the means to check the functionality;
b) compliance to EN 50 130-4 Electromagnetic compatibility;
c) compliance to EN 50 130-5; the applicant shall declare the environmental class. The measurements or inspections are made before, during (if necessary) and after testing. There shall be no change in the functioning of the equipment and no significant change in any measurements, which also shall remain within specification.
Alternatively the component may comply with the environmental clauses included in an appropriate EN 54 part (refer to environmental tests in EN 54-1:2011 Clause 5 to select the appropriate part).
NOTE A component not covered by an EN 54 standard may be covered by a European Assessment Document.
4.2.6 The operation of type 1 and type 2 component shall not jeopardize the operation of the system.
4.2.7 Each component within the FDAS shall operate correctly when submitted to supply voltage variation as specified by the manufacturer. For each configuration voltage shall be within the specified voltage supply range of each component in the FDAS.BS EN 54-13 pdf download.

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