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BS EN 50491-5-1:2010 pdf free

BS EN 50491-5-1:2010 pdf free.General requirements for Home and Building Electronic Systems (HBES) and Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS) Part 5-1: EMC requirements, conditions and test set-up.
During and after all tests, independent of the performance criteria, the device shall not block the transmission media or send unintended telegrams. Intended telegrams are allowed to be corrupted by EMC phenomena.
A functional description and a definition of performance criteria, during or as a consequence of the EMC testing, shall be provided by the manufacturer and noted in the test report, based on the following criteña:
– many devices operate using sophisticated protocol services which permit the recovery of data corrupted by interference or cause re-transmission of data in the event of corruption. Transmission errors caused by the application of the tests in this european Standard and which are subsequently corrected by the protocol services are regarded as normal and the equipment is regarded as operating as intended in such circumstances;
– changes in stored data, such as communication error logs, and which are not directly related to the intended function of the equipment shall be ignored, or recorded on request by the manufacturer.
5.2 Performance criterion A
In addition to the general performance cnteria 5.1, the device shaU continue to operaie according its product documentation as intended during and after the test, No unintended change of state, stored data directly related to the intended function, unintended or loss of function is allowed.
5.3 Performance criterion B
In addition to the general performance criteria 5.1, the device shall continue to operate as intended after the test. The measurement conditions shall be defined by the manufacturer. During the test, degradation of performance is allowed as follows:
for analogue I/O signal ports, degradation up to 10 times the tolerance specified in product documentation, with a maximum value of 50 % of full scale, is allowed;
for digital 110 signal ports, no unexpected change of state or stored data related to the intended function is allowed;
for HBES/BACS network port, degradation of performance is allowed, but not total loss of communication.BS EN 50491-5-1 pdf download.

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