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BS EN 50364:2010 pdf free download

BS EN 50364:2010 pdf free download.Limitation of human exposure to electromagnetic fields from devices operating in the frequency range 0 Hz to 300 GHz, used in Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), Radio Frequency ldentification (RFID) and similar applications.
In all cases, the equipment documentation shall clearly state the intended use condition.
The limits shall be the values of basic restrictions and reference levels from the EC Recommendation. It should be noted that the tables of values referred to in the following sections are explained and rationalised in the text of the EC Recommendation and the associated notes adjoining the tables. The EC Recommendation bases its values on the work provided in the ICNIRP Guidelines, which may be consulted for background information on the derivation of the values concerned. This applies to equipment used by, or in proximity to, the general public.
Equipment which meets the requirements for general public exposure as given in this document may be used in an occupational environment. If the equipment could be used under occupational conditions, but in an area where the general public may be exposed, then the exposure shall be assessed against the general public requirements under the conditions expected for that exposure situation. However the general public is not expected to occupy areas intended exclusively for workers
In cases where occupational exposure is greater than the exposure for the general public the occupational exposure level shall also be assessed but not compared against the values in the EC Recommendation for conformity assessment purposes. In such cases information on installation and use shall be provided in the user documentation sufficient to maintain the exposure of the general public below the values provided in the EC Recommendation. Information on the occupational exposure levels shall be available for employers making risk assessments and the source of the information shall be identified in the user documentation.
Some equipment may be used only in an occupational environment (general public access is prohibited or regulated in such a way as to be similar to occupational use). In such cases, where occupational exposure is greater than the levels allowed for general public exposure, the equipment must be defined for occupational use. This standard can only then be used for the purpose of presumption of conformity with applicable Directives when there is an identified distance in the product documentation for general public exposure and evaluation is made for compliance at that distance. Information on the occupational exposure levels should be made available for employers making risk assessments and the information, or source of the information, shall also be identified in the user documentation,
5 Evaluation of compliance
5.1 General
The EC Recommendation shall be consulted to determine whether an exposure assessment is required for the general public. Certain types of equipment and applications may be excluded or given special consideration. It must be noted that such consideration may not be on a harmonised basis.
The measurements and calculations to demonstrate equipment compliance shall be made according to EN 62369-1, Clause 4. The general conditions as defined in that clause shall apply to all equipment.BS EN 50364 pdf download.

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