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BS EN 4700-002:2021 pdf free

BS EN 4700-002:2021 pdf free.Aerospace series一Steel and heat resisting alloys一 Wrought products一Technical specification Part 002: Bars and sections.
The product in the delivery condition shall fulfil the current health and safety laws of the area of the country where it is to be delivered.
A product safety data sheet shall be available.
6 Technical requirements
6.1 General
The product shall be manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the relevant material standard and the applicable requirements of this specification. A manufacturing schedule shall be established and applied in accordance with EN 2078.
Product shall satisfy the requirements of the material standard and/or order and shall be free from irregularities prejudicial to the subsequent manufacture or use of this product.
Notwithstanding previous acceptance complying with this material standard, any product that is found, at a later stage, to contain such imperfection shall be rejected.
Unless otherwise specified, the requirements in Tables 1 and 2 shall apply in conjunction with those of the relevant material standard. Table 1 relates to lines 1 to 29 (inclusive) of the material standard and Table 2 relates to lines 30 onwards in which the sub-line format is also used. Lines 2 to 98 may also be opened in line 100 if the material standard details specific qualification requirements. If a specific line number is not shown in Tables 1 and 2, the requirement is stated in the material standard and/or order.
6.2 Qualification requirements
Qualification requirements when invoked by the material standard and/or order are detailed in Tables 1 and 2. The number of batches and casts shall be agreed between the manufacturer and the customer.
6.3 Release requirements
6.3.1 Release tests
Release testing shall be the responsibility of the manufacturer.
The customer reserves the right to perform any of the inspections and/or tests required by the material standard and/or order.
The test samples shall be representative of the product.
When required by the order, the manufacturer shall inform the customer of the planned dates for extraction of samples and release testing in order that these operations may be witnessed.BS EN 4700-002 pdf free download.

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