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BS EN 2576:2020 pdf free download

BS EN 2576:2020 pdf free download.Aerospace series – Bolts, MJ threads, in heat resisting steel FE-PA2601 [A286)一Classification: 900 MPa [at ambient temperature)/650 °C一Technical specification.
The qualification procedure for aerospace standard products [e. g. according to EN 9133 or an
equivalent aerospace accepted and established qualifcation procedure) shall be used and documented
according to the specified tests if not otherwise agreed between customer and supplier.
Qualification inspections and tests (requirements, methods, number of bolts) are specified in Table 1.
They shall be carried out on:
– each type and diameter of bolt;
– 25 bolts selected from a single inspection lot by simple random sampling.
The test programme may possibly be reduced, or the qualification of a bolt be granted without Inspection or testing: any such decision shall be based on the results obtained on similar types and diameters of bolts provided that the design and manufacturing conditions are identical.
Table 2 indicates the allocation of bolt samples for the inspections and tests.
4.2 Acceptance
4.2.1 Purpose
The purpose of acceptance inspections and tests is to check, as simply as possible, by a method representative of actual use conditions, with the uncertainty inherent to statistical sampling, that the bolts constituting the batch satisfy the requirements of this standard.
4.2.2 Conditions
Acceptance inspections and tests (requirements, methods, number of bolts) are specified in Table 1; they shall be carried out on each batch. Bolts from the batch to be tested shall be selected by simple random sampling.
Each bolt may be submitted to several inspections or tests.
If a more stringent inspection is deemed necessary, all or part of the qualification inspections and tests may be performed during the acceptance inspection and testing. In this case, the number of bolts submitted to these inspections and tests is the same as that submitted for qualification inspection and tests.
4.2.3 Responsibility
Acceptance inspections and tests shall be carried out by the manufacturer, or under his responsibility.
4.2.4 Inspection and test report
A test report showing actual numerical values shall be provided if specified in the purchase order.
5 Requirements
See Table 1.BS EN 2576 pdf free download.

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