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BS EN 1837:2020 pdf free

BS EN 1837:2020 pdf free.Safety of machinery – Integral lighting of machines.
Machinery shall be supplied with integral lighting suitable for the operations concerned where the absence of the integral lighting is likely to cause a risk despite ambient lighting of normal intensity.
When arranging the lighting for machines, ergonomic and lighting-engineering principles shall be taken into account.
The visual tasks to be carried out in and/or at the machine vary in size, contrast, position and speed of movement. Thus for adequate vision, the exact lighting condition required shall be determined from detailed task analysis. This shall include consideration of the requirements given in 4.2 to 4.8.
The lighting requirements specified in this document are based on average diffIculty of visual tasks, found in the work space during intended use of the machine (normal operation, abnormal operation, servicing).
For specific tasks, reference shall be made to the relevant standards on work place lighting (EN 12464-1:2011 and EN 12464-2:2014). The definition of the specific tasks considered shall be included in the information for use supplied with the machine (see Clause 7).
4.2 llluminance
The required illuminance depends upon the visual task and shall be sufficiently high and uniform as to enable a safe and comfortable perception of the details of the visual task.
In general a maintained illuminance ofat least 500 lx with a minimum uniformity of 0,7 on the task area shall be provided. If there is more than one task area in or at a machine, each task area shall be considered separately. The immediate surrounding areas shall have a maintained illuminance of at least 300 lx with a uniformity of at least 0,3.
Where a visual aid or protective visor is required for use with the machine, the illuminance shall be multiplied by the reciprocal value of the transmittance of this device. Where the transmittance is unknown the illuminance shall be increased by at least 50 %.
In control cabins or where processes are affected by light, the above illuminance may be reduced. N0TF Lighting controls can be helpful for increasing and reducing the illuminance. e.g. by dimming or switching or by mechanical adjustment.
4.3 Glare
The integral lighting system shall avoid direct glare (disability and discomfort glare) both to the machine operator and other workers in adjacent areas by preventing any direct view onto the integral light source. Glare caused by reflections from the integral lighting of the machine during use shall be avoided within the task area.BS EN 1837 pdf download.

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