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BS EN 16072:2015 pdf free.Intelligent transport systems一 ESafety一Pan-European eCall operating requirements.
5 Conformance
Test requirements and conformance requirements are described in Clause 11. Conformance procedures are specified in a separate deliverable (CENITS 16454) and are outside of the scope of this European Standard. CENITS 16454 is in the process to be balloted to be upgraded to EN 16454 status.
6 High level functional requirements
6.1 General high level functional requirements
6.1.1 General
The high level functional requirements of the eCall in-Vehicle System are as follows:
— the eCall in-Vehicle System shall include a Network Access Device (NAD, e.g. PLMN (such as GSM AND UMTS), module);
— the eCall in-Vehicle System shall detect when an eCall trigger has been initiated;
— in the event of an accident the eCall system shall automatically determine whether or not to trigger an eCall and where appropriate make such an eCall automatically;
— an eCall shall also be able to be triggered manually;
— upon triggering an eCall the eCall system shall attempt to send a Minimum Set of Data (MSD) to any system operated by a given Mobile Network Operator (MNO) with the European pre-assigned TS12 destination address (112);
— the eCall system shall also try to establish a voice connection between the vehicle and that pre-assigned destination address (preferably a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) with TS12).
6.1.2 Linguistic aspects
eCali shall receive the same linguistic benefits as any emergency call (TSI2).
6.1.3 High level In-vehicle system requirements
This European Standard requires the following from the in vehicle system including communications equipment:
— it is capable of supporting eCall;
— it is robust and will normally survive a crash (as defined in 7.5);
— it meets the specification of the operating requirements of the ETSI communications standards, in the case of GSM/UMTS circuit switched networks circuit switched networks, (ETSIITS 122 101, ETSI/TS 124 008, ETSIITS 126 267, ETSIITS 126 268, ETSI/TS 126 269 [Release 8 or later]) under which it operates and the quality of service requirements defined in this document;
— It uses an ETSI prime medium when transmitting the MSD message.
6.1.4 eCall architecture
The very highest level generic eCall architecture is described in Figure 1.BS EN 16072 pdf download.

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