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BS EN 14399-2:2015 pdf free download

BS EN 14399-2:2015 pdf free download.High-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading Part 2: Suitability for preloading.
In order to contribute to the reduction of the risk of hydrogen embrittlement and other hydrogen related failures, the underhead radius of bolts as specified in EN 14399-3, EN 14399-4, EN 14399-8 or EN 14399-10 shall be used for any bolts of property class 10.9.
HR bolts (see EN 14399-3 or EN 14399-7) and HRC bolts (see EN 14399-10) which are too short threaded to meet the requirements for a minimum of four thread pitches under the nut in the bolting assembly according to EN 1090-2 shall be fully threaded.
5.2 Manufacturing requirements
Finish and coating shall be as specified in the relevant part of this standard. Coatings of all components of a bolting assembly shall be compatible and shall have similar corrosion resistance. Coating of each component shall be under the control of the manufacturer.
The manufacturing process for bolts of property class 10.9 shall take due care of the risk of hydrogen embrittlement, especially during the coating process. Appropriate processes shall be considered when the risk of hydrogen embrittlement cannot be avoided.
Bolts of property class 109 shall have rolled threads.
Hot dip galvanized nuts shall be galvanized before they are threaded. Nuts shall not be re-threaded.
5.3 Marking of the components of the bolting assemblies
All components used in assemblies for high-strength structural bolting. which are suitable for preloading, shall be marked during the manufacturing process with at least the following:
a) the identification mark of the manufacturer of the bolting assemblies, and according to Table 1:
b) with the letter H, and
1) for bolts and nuts, with additional letter(s) defining the system and the symbol of the property class in accordance with EN ISO 898-1 and EN ISO 898-2, or
2) for direct tension indicators, with the symbol 8 or 10 corresponding to the property class of the bolt, or
3) for bolt face or nut face washers, with the symbol B or N respectively.
The marking of each type of component shall be assessed by visual inspection. The marking shall conform to the requirements of this subclause.BS EN 14399-2 pdf download.

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