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BS EN 13138-1:2014 pdf free download

BS EN 13138-1:2014 pdf free download.Buoyant aids for swimming instruction Part 1: Safety requirements and test methods for buoyant aids to be worn.
Construction of a buoyant swimming device shall be such that it corresponds in terms of design, dimensions, safety, strength and durability for its intended use- The requirements set out were chosen to ensure compliance with these considerations. Where buoyant swimming devices are provided in several components, the requirements apply to each of the components as specified in the relevant paragraphs below.
Buoyancy may be provided by inherent buoyancy materials, by inflatable chambers or by both. Where buoyancy is not inherent, devices shall have a minimum of two independent chambers safeguarding function and to allow the user to maintain the airway above water level at all times if one chamber fails. A device shall be only Class A or Class B or Class C.
These products shall be manufactured in bright colours that are in contrast to the water surface so as to be visible at all times and at any angle when in use. Wholly transparent or materials in any shade of undecorated blue in the visible areas when in use are not acceptable. For garments, these colour requirements apply only to the neck, shoulder and upper chest area.
For safety reasons and to assist in supervising children when in the water, the visible areas of these products when being used shall be clearly visible from the water’s edge or the poolside when the water is crowded, moving or may not be clear. Where criteria cannot be objectively assessed, they shall be subject to evaluation by the assessment panel.
The assessment panel shall agree, by at least a 2:1 majority or by unanimity, that the device is visible when worn in the water.
5.2 Buoyancy
5.2.1 Buoyancy characteristics of the complete device
When tested in accordance with the procedures in EN ISO 12402-9, the device shall, with all of its buoyant components, have minimum buoyancy in accordance with Table 2. Where the Table shows a udash (-), this is intended to indicate that the device is not appropriate for the type of user.BS EN 13138-1 pdf download.

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