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BS EN 12604:2017 pdf free

BS EN 12604:2017 pdf free.Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates – Mechanical aspects – Requirements and test methods.
4.3.3 Uncontrolled movements of vertically operating doors
A vertically operating door leaf shall come to a stop and stay in position when released in any position (luring the opening or closing movement in normal operation.
4.3.4 Safeguarding against dropping of vertically operating door leaves
Vertically operating door leaves shall be safeguarded against dropping when in normal use or when a failure of a single element of the suspension or balancing system occurs. The failure of the connection between drum and curtain of a rolling door shall also be taken into consideration if the door when in the fully closed position does not cover at least half of the circumference of the roller.
The door shall not be able to close uncontrolled if a component fails. The design of the door shall also ensure that in case of a single failure the resulting short-term transient loads will not cause secondary mechanical failures of other elements of the door. Elements of the suspension or balancing system which could fail during operation of a door are balancing springs, counterweights, steel wire ropes, pulley, drums, chains, straps, belts and their attaching parts.
Rigid parts such as shafts or levers, provided that they are dimensioned and designed for the maximum load and foreseeable overload, need not be considered as a potential cause of the suspension or balancing system failure.
Safeguarding against dropping can be achieved by either using an anti-drop safety device or by other design features incorporated into the door. Safeguarding against dropping shall fulfil the following requirements:
a) in the event of a failure in the door suspension or balancing system, the main edge of the door leaf shall not move downwards more than 300 mm even in case of bouncing;
b) after the door leaf has been stopped by the anti-drop safeguarding, it shall be held safely in the same position, as long as no further action in accordance with the user instructions is carried out. User instructions shall clearly specify when a competent person is needed to further operate the stopped door;
c) the anti-drop safeguarding shall be automatically activated in the event of a suspension or balancing system failure;
d) an anti-drop safeguarding shall be designed to take the full dynamic load of the door leaf;
e) further, any component affected by the action of the anti-drop safeguarding shall be designed to bear the resulting dynamic forces;
1) parts of the anti-drop safeguarding or other door components may need to be replaced after activation of the anti-drop safeguarding. Unless activation of the anti-drop safeguarding does not cause any deformation and/or damage which impairs further operation of the door and of the antidrop safeguarding, instructions for use shall specify parts to be replaced and whether the replacement can he carried out by the user.BS EN 12604 pdf download.

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