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BS EN 12351:2010 pdf free download

BS EN 12351:2010 pdf free download.Industrial valves Protective caps for valves with flanged connections.
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
EN ISO 1043-1, Plastics — Symbols and abbreviated terms — Part 1: Basic polymers and their special characteristics (ISO 1043-1:2001)
ISO 1629, Rubbers and (atices — Nomenclature
3 Requirements
3.1 The protective caps shall completely cover the port and the sealing surface of the flange and shall p-event damage.
The design of caps shall be such that when fitted to flanges, they remain attached during normal handling, transport and storage until they are removed before installation of the valve.
3.2 The protective caps shall fit so tightly that no foreign matter and coarse dirt can penetrate which would impede the correct function of the p-otected part.
Caps shall not be watertight or airtight.
3.3 The protective caps shall be designed in such a way that the installation of the valve without removal of the p-otective cap shall be impossible.
3.4 It is recommended that bright signal colours be used, preferably yellow or red. If a particular colour is required it shall be indicated in the order.
4 Design
The design may be at the option of the manufacturer and shall comp’y with the requirements of Clause 3. Examples of protective caps are shown in Annex A and are provided for information only.
5 Materials
Materials shall be compatible with the material of the valve and shall not cause contamination or corrosion of the valve.
NOTE In the range of DN 10 to DN 300 plastic or rubber materials are preferred.
6 Marking
Caps which are intended to be re-used shall be marked as follows:
reference to this European Standard, i.e. EN 12351;
either DN or NPS; either PN or Class;
material (for recycline purposes) according to EN ISO 1043-1 and ISO 1629.
NOTE Protective caps which are used at different nominal pressures (PN) can be marked with the nominal pressure (PN) range instead of one particular nominal pressure (PN).BS EN 12351 pdf download.

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