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BS EN 12350-4:2019 pdf free

BS EN 12350-4:2019 pdf free.Testing fresh concrete Part 4: Degree of compactability.
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4 Principle
Carefully place the fresh concrete in a compaction container using a trowel, avoiding any compaction of the concrete. When the compaction container is full, the top surface is struck ofT level with the top of the compaction container. The concrete is compacted by vibration and the distance from the surface of the compacted concrete to the upper edge of the compaction container is used to determine the degree of compactahility.
5 Apparatus
5.1 Common apparatus for fresh concrete testing
The apparatus listed below for the execution of this test method shall be in accordance with the specification given EN 12350-1 and as specified below;
5.1.1 Compaction container, made of metal not readily attacked by cement paste. The internal dimensions of the compaction container shall be:
— base: (200 ± 2) mm x (200 ± 2) mm;
— height: (400 ± 2) mm.
The thickness of the base and walls shall be at least 1,5 mm.
The bottom of the compaction container may be perforated to facilitate emptying. A suitable plastic plate to cover the bottom has then to be placed inside the compaction container.
5.1.2 Trowel, with a flat blade (see Figure 1).
5.1.3 Means of compacting the concrete, which shall be one of the following:
— internal vibrator;
— vibrating table.
The use of a vibrating table shall be the reference method.
5.1.4 Remixing container or tray.
5.1.5 Shovel.
5.1.6 Straight edged scraper, more than 200 mm in length.
5.1.7 Rule.
5.1.8 Moist cloth.
6 Sampling
The sample shall be obtained in accordance with EN 12350- 1.
The sample shall be re-mixed using the remixing container or tray and the shovel or scoop before carrying out the test.
Alternative sampling procedures may be given in provisions valid in the place of use of the concrete.BS EN 12350-4 pdf download.

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