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BS EN 12277:2015 pdf free download

BS EN 12277:2015 pdf free download.Mountaineering equipment Harnesses一Safety requirements and test methods.
4.1.2 Dimensions of tapes
For ergonomic reasons the tape assembly shall comply with the following dimensions:
a) load transmitting parts to the body in contact with the dummy during the tests in accordance with,, or as appropriate:
1) harnesses of type B and D: 28 mm minimum;
2) all other types of harnesses: 43 mm minimum;
b) shoulder straps:
1) harnesses of type B: 23 mm minimum;
2) all other types of harnesses: 28 mm minimum;
c) all other parts: no requirements specified.
4.1.3 Threads
Where stitching is used to provide safety and strength (e.g. in joints) the visible area of stitching shall contrast with the tape in colour or surface appearance.
4.1.4 Components
Any component that can come into contact with the user or with any textile part shall be free from burrs and sharp edges.
4.1.5 Textile part
Any textile part which can come into contact with the user shall be free from burrs.
4.2 Strength
4.2.1 When tested in accordance with 5.2.3, 5.2.4,, or 5.2.6, no load transmitting part to the body shall break completely. In addition, the dummy (or the cylinder) shall not be released from the harness and no load bearing buckles or adjusting devices shall slip more than 20 mm.
4.2.2 Any loop or combination of loops which are specified in the instructions for use for abseiling shall pass the tests in accordance with, or, as appropriate.
4.2.3 If there are multiple rope attachment points (for different sizes) the tests in accordance with
5.2.3, 5.2.4, 5.2.5 or 5.2.6 shall be repeated as appropriate for each size as specified in the information to be supplied. Second and subsequent samples may be necessary.
4.2.4 If a harness of type B is adjustable, the range of adjustments shall be within the maximum and minimum ranges claimed on the label (in accordance with Clause 6). This shall be checked, after each of the adjustments, in accordance with 5.2.1.
4.2.5 If the type A or type B harness can be divided into a type C and a type D harness, each component which has a rope attachment point shall meet the requirements of this European Standard.
5 Test methods
5.1 Conditioning and test conditions
Dry the test samples for at least 24 h in an atmosphere of (50 ± 5) °C and less than 20 % relative humidity. Then condition these test samples in an atmosphere of (23 ± 2) °C and (50 ± 2) % relative humidity for at least 72 h. Then start testing these samples at a temperature of (23 ± 5) °C within 10 mm.
5.2 Procedure
5.2.1 General
Verify the requirements according to and 4.1.4 by visual and tactile examination.
Verify the requirements according to 4.1.2 by measuring with the harness on the dummy loaded in accordance with,, or For the width in 4.1.2 the measurements shall be made in three locations per dimension.
5.2.2 Threads
Check by visual examination that the requirements specified in 4.1.3 are met.BS EN 12277 pdf download.

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