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BS EN 116:2015 pdf download

BS EN 116:2015 pdf download.Diesel and domestic heating fuels – Determination of cold filter plugging point – Stepwise cooling bath method.
4 Principle
A test portion of the fuel is cooled under the specified conditions and is drawn at intervals of 1 °C into a pipette under a controlled vacuum of 2 kPa through a standardized wire mesh filter. The procedure is repeated, as the fuel continues to cool, for each 1 °C below the first test temperature. Testing is continued until the amount of wax crystals which have separated out of solution is sufficient to stop or slow down the flow so that the time taken to fill the pipette exceeds 60 s or the fuel fails to return completely to the test jar before the fuel has cooled by a further I °C.
The indicated temperature at which the last filtration was commenced is recorded as the cold filter plugging point (CFPP).
5 Reagents and materials
5.1 Hydrocarbon solvents, technical grade, e.g. Heptane.
5.2 Light hydrocarbon solvent, technical grade, e.g. Isopentane.
5.3 Lintless filter paper, with particle retention of (5 ± 1) pm.
5.4 Certified reference materials.
Certified reference materials may be obtained from the European Commission’s Institute for Reference
Materials and Measurements (IRMM), Retieseweg 111, B-2440 Brussels.
6 Apparatus
The equipment, as detailed in 6.1 to 6.11, shall be arranged as shown in Figure 1. Unless otherwise stated, all dimensions in the figures are given in mm.
IMPORTANT — Parts of the apparatus made of copper, zinc or brass can Interact with bio-components like fatty acid methyl ester (FAME). Care shall be taken and parts made from alternative materials are available.
6.1 Test jar, cylindrical, of clear glass, flat bottomed, with an outside diameter of (34+0,5) mm, a wall thickness of (1,25+0,25) mm and a height of (120+5) mm, having a permanent mark at the 45 ml level.
Test jars of the required dimensions may be obtained by selection from jars conforming to ISO 3016 1) which specifies wider tolerances.
6.2 Jacket, watertight, cylindrical, flat bottomed, to be used as an air bath, having an inside diameter of (45+0,25) mm, an outside diameter of (48+0,25) mm and a height of (115 + 3) mm.
6.3 Spacer, made from POM-C2), except for the stainless steel rods with 2 mm diameter, to be placed into the jacket (6.2), conforming to the dimensions as shown in Figure 2.BS EN 116 pdf download.

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