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BS 8549:2016 pdf free download

BS 8549:2016 pdf free download.Security consultancy – Code of practice.
5 Personnel
A nationally recognized body or agency could undertake the personnel processes and validations outlined in this clause on behalf of the consultancy.
5.1 Selection and security screening
All personnel who have access to information and/or property of the customer or the consultancy should be screened in accordance with BS 7858 and be bound by an agreement to keep confidential such information indefinitely, unless otherwise authorized in writing.
NOTE Higher levels of security screening might be required as appropriate to the contracted services.
The consultancy service provider should ensure that all personnel are obliged to declare immediately any changes to the information obtained during the selection process.
5.2 Disciplinary code
All personnel should be instructed that the following (including the aiding and abetting of others) could constitute a breach of the terms and conditions of engagement:
a) neglecting to complete a required task at work promptly and diligently. without sufficient cause;
b) leaving a place of work without permission, or without sufficient cause;
c) making or signing any false statements, of any description;
d) destroying, altering or erasing documents, records or electronic data without permission or through negligence;
e) divulging matters confidential to the organization or customer, either past or present, without permission;
f) soliciting or receipt of gratuities or other consideration from any person;
g) failure to account for keys, money, information or property received in connection with business;
h) incivility to persons encountered in the course of duties, or misuse of authority in connection with business;
i) conduct in a manner likely to bring discredit to the organization, customer or a fellow employee;
5.3 Identification
Persons who have been screened in accordance with 5.1 should be issued with an identity card incorporating, as a minimum, the following information:
a) the name, address and telephone number of the consultancy;
b) the name, job title and signature of the holder;
C) the expiry date of the card (not more than three years from the date of issue); and
d) a current photograph of the holder.
Identity cards should be presented to the customer on request.
Old or out of date identity cards should be formally withdrawn from persons renewing their cards. Cards should be returned when an employee leaves the employment of the consultancy, and destroyed in a secure manner.
A record of identity cards issued should be maintained. This record should also indicate the status and location of withdrawn cards, e.g. whether they have been destroyed or lost, or where they are held by the employee/organization.
5.4 Training
5.4.1 General
The consultancy should have a clearly defined and documented training policy and should ensure that the training outlined in 5.4.2, 5.4.3 and 5.4.4 is given as a minimum.
5.4.2 Induction
The consultancy should provide induction training in matters relating to its conditions of employment, structure and procedures for all employees. This induction training should be additional to the competence recommendations in 5.4.3.BS 8549 pdf download.

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