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BS 7000-2:2015 pdf download

BS 7000-2:2015 pdf download.Design management systems – Part 2: Guide to managing the design of manufactured products.
4 Managing the design of manufactured products at organizational level
4.1 Taking organizational responsibility for design
The ultimate responsibility for the quality of designs produced by, or on behalf of, an organization, rests with the board of directors, owner-managers or partners.
It is the board’s collective responsibility to ensure that the organization has a clear sense of direction with respect to design programmes, so that all contributions can be harnessed to their full potential. It is the chief executive’s responsibility to ensure that this direction is followed effectively and that design programmes make a full contribution to the organization’s performance. Chief executives might assign day-to-day executive responsibility for design to other members of the board or executives in the management hierarchy who report directly to them, A chief executive’s design committee, or design policy group, can be established to oversee the management of design at the organizational level.
Senior executives should demonstrate their understanding of responsibilities for and commitment to design programmes through their statements and actions. In particular they should ensure that competent and committed teams are brought together to address design requirements. Design responsibilities should be clearly articulated and communicated to colleagues throughout the organization. Executives and staff should be given guidelines within which to operate. They should know who to turn to for guidance, authorization to proceed with a particular design idea or project, or other design..related decisions.
It is also vital that all executives who have design responsibilities, or otherwise get involved in design activities, should have these responsibilities and activities stated in their contract of employment. These factors should be reviewed periodically.
Organizations develop their competence in design management over time.
4.2 Checklist of design management responsibilities at organizational level
The following design management responsibilities should be carried out at organizational level:
a) establish clear ownership of design responsibility;
b) provide a vision of the future with clear objectives;BS 7000-2 pdf download.

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