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BS 5733:2010 pdf download

BS 5733:2010 pdf download.General requirements for electrical accessories – Specification.
BS 5733 specifies requirements and tests to check the safety in normal use of electrical accessories which are not covered by other specific British Standards.
Such accessories are intended for use in household, commercial and light industrial premises where:
• the nominal supply voltage does not exceed 250 V ac. single-phase, 50 Hz to 60 Hz or 250 V d.c.;
• the rated current of the accessory does not exceed 63 A.
Unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer, accessories conforming to this standard are intended for connection by cables or flexible cords conforming to BS 6004, BS 6007, BS 6500 or 85 7211.
12 This standard also covers:
• plug.in and other accessories in which electrical accessory components such as plug-pins, socket-contacts, switches. terminals, etc. are incorporated (see 5.1);
• maintenance free accessories (see 3.31).
1.3 Accessories conforming to this standard are suitable for use under the following conditions of service:
• an ambient temperature in the range -5 C to ÷40 C, the average value over 24 h not exceedIng 25 C
NOTE 1 Under normal conditions of use, the available cooling air is subject to natural atmospheric variations of temperature and hence the peak temperature occurs only occasionally during the hot season, and on those days when it does occur. it does not persist for lengthy periods.
• a situation not subfrct to direct radiation from the sun or other source of heat likely to raise temperatures above the limits specified above;
• an altitude not exceeding 2000 m above sea-level;
• an atmosphere not subject to excessive pollution by smoke chemical fumes, or other abnormal conditions.
NOTE 2 Accessories conforming to this standard may be suitable for use in other conditions, subject to agreement between manulacturer and user. In formation given in a manufacturer’s catalogue may take the place of such an agreement.
1.4 Requirements for electromagnetic compatibility a’e not given, as accessories do not in themselves produce extraneous emissions, nor is their functioning affected by external emissions. Therefore no emission or immunity tests are necessary.BS 5733 pdf download.

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