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BS 4873:2016 pdf download

BS 4873:2016 pdf download.Aluminium alloy windows and doorsets – Specification.
When ancillary components such as sills, couplings, etc. are formed from sheet materials, they shall be fabricated from designated
alloys 1200, 3103, 5005 or 5251 conforming to BS EN 485-2:2013 in a temper suitable for the particular type of application and degree of forming to be adopted.
The aluminium profiles used in the construction of the frames excluding glazing beads, nibs, interlocks and similar features shall be not less than 1.2 mm thick.
NOTE This dimension takes into account any tolerances specified in the product standards or other industry standards
The aluminium shall be finished by one of the following:
a) anodizing conforming to BS 3987 or BS EN ISO 7599;
b) liquid organic coating conforming to BS 4842; or
C) powder coating conforming to BS 6496 or BS EN 12206-1.
5.2 Frame joint sealing materials
After the window or doorset has been tested in accordance with BS 6375-1 and BS 6375-2, there shall be no degradation of the sealing or the operational function of the window due to failure of the sealing materials.
NOTE Materials should be able to withstand stresses during assembly, transportation, installation and operation of the window.
5.3 Bearing devices and hardware
Metallic materials used for bearing devices and hardware shall have at least the equivalent corrosion resistance to BS EN 1670, grade (class) 3 (96 h) when subjected to the neutral salt spray test in accordance with BS EN ISO 9227. Tests shall be carried out on complete hardware items as supplied.
NOTE 1 For environments in very polluted localities such as those subject to combinations of industrial and coastal pollution, 85 EN 1670, class 4 should be used.
NOTE 2 Requirements and test methods for hardware materials are specified in
85 EN 13126.
5.4 Glazing gaskets and weatherseals
Glazing gaskets and weatherseals shall:
a) conform to BS 4255-1 or BS EN 12365-1;
b) be capable of easy replacement;
c) be fitted securely in accordance with the supplier’s instructions;
d) have a guaranteed life of 10 years; and
e) when supplied loose for site fixing, be supplied with appropriate fixing information.BS 4873 pdf download.

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