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BS 3900-0:2010 pdf free.Methods of test for paints – Part 0: Index of test methods.
This part of BS 3900 tabulates the standards available for testing paints and varnishes. It contains no test methods.
2 Content and usage of BS 3900-0
BS 3900-0 provides tables which detail standards relating to methods for testing paints and allied materials, including methods for evaluating performance.
NOTE Attention is drawn to the fact that new standards could be added to this series, usually implementing corresponding ISO methods. This standard does not list all methods of test for paints. Attention is also drawn to the methods given in 85 3483, 85 3962 and 856782.
3 Using the tables
Each table contains four columns with the following headings:
a) Current identifier. this is the primary identifier of the current edition of the standard at the time this edition of BS 3900-0 was published.
b) Previous identifier this is usually the reference in the 85 3900 series that appears as a secondary identifier on the current edition (in bold) or that appears on the most recent edition bearing a BS 3900 designation (in roman type). In the latter case, if the BS 3900 designation is in parentheses, that standard is partially replaced by the current standard or the current standard has a wider scope.
c) Other references: this includes the reference of the committee responsible for the standard (if other than STi/l 0), the ISO identifier for dual-numbered standards for which the BS 3900 designation is the primary identifier (in bold), and references of previous CEN or ISO standards if the number in the identifier has changed (in roman type).
d) Title: this is the title of the identified standard.
Any text in square brackets actually appears as part of the title page of the standard, either following the BS title or with the identifier.BS 3900-0 pdf download.

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