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BS 1363-2:2016 pdf download

BS 1363-2:2016 pdf download.13 A plugs, socket-outlets, adaptors and connection units Part 2: Specification for 13 A switched and unswitched socket-outlets.
A socket-outlet that does not incorporate electronic devices does not emit in tolerable electromagnetic interference since significant electromagnetic disturbances are only generated during insertion and withdrawal which are not continuous.
A socket-outlet that does not incorporate electronic devices is mechanical by nature of construction. The product is therefore immune from electromagnetic interference.
Conditions of use
Socket-outlets shall be suitable for use under the following conditions:
a) an ambient temperature in the range —5 °C to +40 °C, the average value over 24 h not exceeding 25 °C;
NOTE Under normal conditions of use, the available cooling air is subject to natural atmospheric variations of temperature and hence the peak temperature occurs only occasionally during the hot season, and on those days when it does occur it does not persist for lengthy periods.
b) a situation not subject to exposure to direct radiation from the sun or other source of heat likely to raise temperatures above the limits specified in a);
c) an altitude not exceeding 2 000 m above sea level;
d) an atmosphere not subject to abnormal pollution by smoke, chemical fumes or other abnormal conditions. This is equivalent to pollution degree 2, (see Annex E) and Overvoltage Category Ill (see Annex D).
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this part of BS 1363 the following terms and definitions apply.
NOTE Where the terms voltage and current are used, they imply rm.s. values, unless otherwise stated.
3.1 socket-outlet
an accessory having a set of three socket-contacts designed to engage with the pins of a corresponding plug and having means for the electrical connection of appropriate flexible cables and may include its dedicated enclosure
3.2 fixed socket-outlet
a socket-outlet which with its associated enclosure is intended for use mounted in or on a fixed surface
3.3 surface-mounted socket-outlet
a socket-outlet which is intended to be mounted on a wall or other flat surface without the need for recessing
3.4 flush-mounted socket-outlet
a socket-outlet which is intended to be mounted in a box which is recessed into a wall or other flat surface
NOTE The socket-outlet plate and the socket-outlet base are regarded as forming a complete unit, and the socket-outlet plate is mounted with its back either flush with a wall or other flat-surface structure, or flush with the front of a socket-outlet box or enclosure.
3.5 panel-mounted socket-outlet
a socket-outlet intended for incorporation into equipment panels or electrical trunking and which depends upon such incorporation for its enclosure.BS 1363-2 pdf free download.

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